Book: Love Can’t Tell Time: Why Love Never Dies


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Love Can’t Tell Time: Why Love Never Dies

For the last year I’ve been pouring my heart into writing my 6th book, Love Can’t Tell Time! It focuses on Soulmates, personal stories from people who’ve lost theirs, and what having a soulmate means. I’ve included my personal backstory with meeting my soulmate Joe; starting the night we met.

For fans of the television show Medium, I share my experiences making the show as well as how it’s changed my life. I also included chapters to help people who are grieving and people who are dying (terminal). While finishing the chapter Dying, a close childhood friend of mine, Debbie, died. I wrote a section in tribute to her to help people understand how mediums grieve and the fear a dying person faces.

I know you might not expect a book that includes dying to leave you feeling warm and grateful for the love you’ve received as well as the love you’ve given to others. But, I aim to do just that by showing how a great love transcends time. Enjoy your journey through Love Can’t Tell Time; I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.

Format: Paperback
Released: August 2020

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